First of all, its a course for any one who can use basic copy-paste functions. Everything is easy to follow. Lets talk about the front end product first:

CPA Lead Machine – Front End

Front End is the the ‘Bing Ads Case Study’. Complete course is based on the Bing Ads traffic. It includes a complete video course with following topics covered (as shown in screenshot below).

It also includes the two pdfs. The complete setup is being explained through video course itself.



Inside you’ll find a complete video guide on following things:

  1. Bing Coupons to get started for FREE.
  2. Getting accepted to good affiliate networks.
  3. Case Study to generate high quality leads along with generating good CPA commissions using Bing Ads.
  4. Campaign set-up guide to get you started fast.
  5. Optimising your Bing Ads campaign.
  6. Studying the data – It will make you an expert in Bing Ads to study the demographics for you niche, campaign and targeting the traffic.
  7. High CTRs – You’ll get to learn how you can improve your Click Through Rate (CTR). This will help you bring more leads and you’ll also learn a good part of advertising.
  8. Bonus Case Study – It includes a case study on one of Maxbounty campaign and complete tracking from CPV lab along with $50 coupon. I think thats the good part to get started with CPV Lab.
  9. CPA Lead Machine PDF is the start guide which you should go through before starting the video course.  It explains the basic strategy most of the good CPA experts use.

CPA Lead Machine is a well described video course and with this small price its completely worth.


  1. Getting started without any investment. – You’ll be guided to get $100 for trial purpose. If you use it well you can earn at least easy $100 from your first campaign. And even more.
  2. Simple COPY-PASTE System.
  3. Complete video course – No need to go through reading big pdfs.
  4. High CTR  techniques are explained to reduce your Cost-Per-Click.
  5. Easy to get approved any CPA network is explained.


  1. Need serious attention on the optimising.
  2. Consistency is needed for monitoring the demographics till you achieve low CPC (Cost Per Click). But once you achieve the low CPC, it becomes on complete autopilot.


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CPA Lead Machine – Upgrade 1


This Upgrade comes with boosting information. The can help you to boost you profits and get started a lot faster. As they will guide from selecting one of their best converted offer and then will take you through over the shoulder case study to get you started very fast.

It will help you with creating your best squeeze page to get more and more leads. Plus the best part here is the creating high CTR Ads.

Basically this advanced training deeps dive to make you master of Bing Ads. Everything you need to become an expert is here.

You can get a clear idea what you’ll get in this upgrade from the screenshot below:


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CPA Lead Machine – Upgrade 2


This Upgrade comes with the mostly consulting information. You can get started very fast. You won’t need to research the market to start with your initial campaigns. Just get started with the ‘what actually worked for these guys’.

Just start working on these campaigns with complete guide to their best converting squeeze pages.

If you don’t want to do certain tasks here, you can also outsource that work. that is also guided here. Plus their complete researched keyword data is also included to save you a lot of money from wasting on the negative keywords.

You can get a good idea from the screenshot below:


It’s a boosting package. You’ll need it only if you don’t want to do all the tasks by yourself.

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