Internet Marketing Requires Selling? ..NO!

In a growing world of online systems, we all are hustling through the 9 to 5 job system. But this generation is ambitious too. We are all inspired by people like Warren Buffet. We want to have additional income or full-time work from home. No one is really interested in being an employee and ruled by the boss.

People are preferring moving towards online systems to make passive income systems. But there is a myth that people have to sell things online to earn big.

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See the problem is, the lack of information. People are stuck or still in darkness with things like:

  • Problem #1. People are thinking they need to sell to make big online income.
  • Problem #2. You are thinking that you need a lot of know-how or technical expertise to get started with online systems.
  • Problem #3. You think you need a lot of advertisement money to get started.

I would like to be very clear all the above-mentioned issues are just myths. You don’t need any of those things to make big in online income systems.

There are people who are making big with other systems. Let me help you here…

Ram Rawat

Hi, my name is Ram Rawat. I’m a full-time online marketer since last 4 years. I don’t want to boost anything. I just wanted to share what my experience has taught me in this online journey. You don’t need big things, big budgets or any technical expertise to achieve your goal of online income.

I was working for General Motors India – the automobile manufacturing company. I was earning $700 a month. Is that enough? ..Maybe! But if you’re giving almost 14 hours a day to this job and making just 700 bucks in a month, then, I’m sure it gets scary. Right?

I just wanted a lifestyle where I have time to spend with people I care about and have a social life. I didn’t want a big amount of money. I just wanted a lifestyle where I have time for myself and my family.

And this hustle for finding that luxury of time drove me crazy and I explored everything out there in the online money making.

  • I was told to sell things online. I couldn’t.
  • I was told to handle support for big marketers. I was paid $100 a month.
  • I was told to buy more products, software, and memberships. I did. I invested half of my earnings in things which were promising golden results.
  • I even started my own e-commerce site. I sold a few products. But I got shut down because of copyrights issues with certain branded products. 
  • I was told to take traffic generation training. I did. But it didn’t work. I couldn’t bring the right traffic.

But none of these gave me ‘freedom from 9 to 5 job…sorry, for me it was 14 hours a day’.

And that’s when I analyzed my situation, what is that I was doing wrong!

I was trying to sell things. No big profits. 

I was trying to bring traffic to other people’s products. Making the rich even richer. 

I was trying to learn all the technical things, thinking this is what is going to help me in the long run. Being a mechanical engineer, it was tough for me to understand the online systems. 

And when I realized my mistake, it just shocked me. I didn’t need to learn any of those things. I could have just started with –

  •  Something which doesn’t require to sell something
  •  Something which doesn’t require high-cost traffic
  •  Something which doesn’t require too much of time.
  •  Something which I could scale easily.

And when I stumbled upon CPA – Cost Per Action, it all changed for me. For those who don’t know CPA: It’s a cost-per-action system, where for each action taken by a user on a CPA offer through your link, you get paid.

See every day a new business is coming online and they leads to sell their products or services. Why don’t you provide them those leads through FB/Adwords/Bing ads?

And you can charge all such businesses for each lead. ..i.e. cost per lead.

For e.g. Suppose the vendor pays you $5 for providing one lead.

Then think of providing 100 leads and making $500 from just one client/vendor.

But still, there is one problem: How to find such vendors or clients?

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Solution: Sign up to CPA Networks. You’ll find many vendors’s on some popular CPA Networks like MaxBounty, AdCombo or Kainero, which are ready to pay you for leads you provide.

Scaling: You simply need to run a few PPC traffic campaigns on Bing or Adwords to pull in those leads for 2-3 vendor’s simultaneously and you’re good to go. You can make even $500 a day

See I did it. And many of the marketers are doing it with CPA systems. You could be one of them.

I just want to tell one thing- you need to take action today!

So get started with CPA marketing without having to worry about selling, big budgets or wasting time. You can get started within the next 20 min with CPA.

And just to help you with this, I’m recommending few of the good CPA products which can get you started fast.

==> Try CPA Drill, CPA Freebooter, CPA Pirate or CPA List Domination.

If you find any issue, message me and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for giving your time.

All the best. Keep moving, take action today!



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