The Long-Game Strategy

Without exception, Super Affiliates almost always have access to a very large,
captive audience. Rather than scraping to 2nd customers whenever a new
product goes live… they build lists, create forums, and cultivate captive
audiences non-stop.

Conversely, less successful Affiliate Marketers often use some variation of “spray
and pray” marketing. They’ll throw together a promotional website for some new
launch and drive traffic to it using pay per click search engine advertisements,
solo ads, etc… often times, without even attempting to capture their leads first.

Occasionally, they get lucky with the right o6er at the right time. However, they
nearly always go broke in the long run; hence why the online marketing failure
rate is so high (between 90-95%, depending what statistic you go by).

To make things even more challenging for the novice Affiliate Marketer: Almost
without exception, people will purchase a Mega Launch product from a Marketer
they’re already comfortable with.

So if you’re serious about becoming a Super Affiliate, then become the Voice
that’s listened to. One highly efficient way to accomplish this, is to deploy a time proven
(modular) Traffic Funnel approach that will consistently attract
subscribers and sales on autopilot.

Hot Tip: To make this work like total gangbusters, send out no more than three broadcast emails within a week spaced at least two days apart. Also be sure to include a valuable “thank you for reading” gift link (in each P.S) as you deftly deploy the following Unique Bonus Strategy…

Now I only pay for my autoresponder subscription fee. Thats it!…It’s the ONLY monthly investment I make.

Believe me! Imagination is the key here. “If you can dream it, you can achieve it!…”


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