YouTube SEO ‘Secrets-1′

Step 1: Researching

When researching videos, you should go to the Google Keyword tool and look for words that have a minimum of 500 searches per month. You can look for variations of target keywords, so that you can get traffic. It is advisable to always go for a video that has a decent search volume in Google.

When you pick out your keywords, do a google search to see if there are any videos ranked on the first page. Then, check the second page, and finally the third page. If there are no videos ranking on the first, second or third pages, just forget about that keyword.
If you are new to video marketing, do not go for extremely competitive keywords. You can build your confidence first by targeting less competitive keywords.
Then, you can go for tougher keywords, after you build up confidence. If the video is on the first page, look at the number of views. If it has more than 50,000 views and more than 100 backlinks, then forget about that keyword, as well.
Another important thing that you should consider is to FOCUS. Some individuals may put up many videos on their first page, and they may never get reviews. Their problem is that they do not take the time to rank their videos in the right way before publishing the other ones.

Make sure that you focus your time on ranking one video before moving on to the next one. After knowing how to rank videos, you can rank several videos at the same time.
When you start making money through YouTube videos, you can then start investing in different software and services that make your life automated and easier.

Step 2: Uploading

This is the most important step that involves publishing a video on to YouTube. Before uploading the video on YouTube, save it to your hard drive and ensure
that you use your target keywords.
For instance, if your target keywords are “Cake Decorating Made Easy Review”,
the name of your video should be “Cake Decorating Made Easy Review.mp4”.
Once you save your video, you can upload it. Uploading a video does not take a lot of time and is an easy process. You just click the “Upload” button that is found at the top of YouTube, when you are logged into your account.

Once you click the button, the video will start uploading. When uploading you can still work on your SEO page.
For a proper SEO, make sure that you have the keywords at least once in the title. If it reads well, you have the keywords twice in the title. It is not a must, but if you put the keywords in the title twice and it does not read right, just put it once.
In the description, you can put the keywords several times. However, it is advisable to put the keywords at the beginning of the description, in the middle and at the end.
Also, ensure that you include the link to your video in the description, so that if any person scrapes the video, you can get a free backlink. Copy the description and save it to a text file for later use.
Put your keywords in tags. You just need to type your keyword phrase, place a comma after it and it will be converted into a tag.

The text file that you used for your description is needed at this stage. Once you finish uploading the video, you can go to the video manager and edit it from there. You will pick Subtitles and CC option. Also, you will add a new one. Pick the Transcript option, and upload the text file. You will then click on exit.

Step 3: Backlinking

After you finish uploading the video, there is an important task that you should do in YouTube SEO.

• You can send 3,000 scrape box trackback links
• Run your video through SB Bomber for 1,000 social bookmarks. You can
also run it through social monkee for an additional 200 social bookmarks.
• Add the video to your social ads account
• Syndicate the three articles into the blog network for syndication
• Embed your videos onto 5-10 web 2.0 sites
• And Finally, add the URL to a blog network blogroll

If you are going after less competitive keywords, you’ll need to use electronic releases such as trackbacks and bookmarking in the SEO page. Then submit your links to major sites such as:

• And

When you have all your links, you can run it through to ensure that it is pinged and indexed.

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Final Remarks

If you have completed the above back linking strategies, and your video is not in the first page, you can send it to additional blog network links, and continue until it hits page 1.
You have to note that once you upload your video, real people are going to view it. So, do not think that if you release just any video it is going to make you a boat load of money. You have to take your time and put something together that is informative. Make sure that you give the viewers a quality video that you would also love to watch.
Know that people will only view a video that will be beneficial to them. When people are researching, they are looking for information that is going to teach them how to perform a task.

YouTube Ads

Yes that’s right, YouTube has an amazing advertising platform looking to skyrocket your business success with just a few clicks.
For direct access to the YouTube Advertising platform you can go to

What are video ads on YouTube?

These are any video uploaded to YouTube that play before the selected video begins to play. The automatic play of the video ads on YouTube helps your business grow by attracting more clients to your services and products.
The video ads usually have costs, but you have control over the overall budget. The most important thing is that you only pay for the ad once it is viewed. If the viewer skips the ad after 30 seconds, you do not pay.
YouTube helps you monitor daily costs and allows you to adjust the budget in relation to what you are comfortable with. Therefore, you needn’t worry about the cost, because you are able to control the expense using the daily cost control. Move the mouse to whatever amount you wish to spend in a day and set it for the ad.

Who is the target of your ads?

The good thing is that YouTube has a variety of targeting options that will help you reach the correct customers and audience. You have the option of targeting people according to gender, location, and age, at the very least.
Therefore, you will need to choose the age bracket, gender, location and interests of the group of people you are targeting.

How do you measure the results?

It is obvious that everyone would like tangible results from something in which they have invested. Therefore, YouTube provides for the measuring of results. The tool that helps measure is the built in analytics tool.
This tools also allows you to see where the ad is being viewed and by how many people. You can also make adjustments to your ad at any time, and run multiple ads to see which one is effective.

You have the chance of getting a $100 free credit when you spend $25 on YouTube. Fill in the dialogue box that appears on the screen to take part in it. This is a good platform to encourage business owners to participate in online marketing to expand their business.

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Case Studies

In this section you will be able to see video ads case studies. If you wish to be featured here, you can click the “want to be featured here? Tell us your story”. Then you will see a form that you fill out and submit.

Make a video

Before making your own video, you can view what others have done. You’ll see several example videos that will help you considerably. You can have access to a really cool app that can help you do so.

Afterwards, you can start editing your own video. You are able to choose your favourite theme. After choosing a suitable theme, you can now launch your ad on YouTube.

Launch an Ad

There are 3 basic steps for setting up your video ad. Step 1: Select your Video, Step 2: customise your ads settings, and Step 3: Launch your ad.
Now, its time to create your Video Ad, so Click on get started.
Here you will enter the title or URL of the YouTube Video you want to advertise.
You will then create your video ad by filling in the required details, as well as selecting your thumbnail and clicking on continue.

You will have to decide where you want to send customers when they click on your Video ad. You can send them to your website or to your YouTube Channel.
Then, you will be able to decide how much to spend. You have to pick your country currency, daily Budget and Maximum Cost per View.
You will be asked if you have advertised before, so click where appropriate.
Sign in if you have advertised before using your google mail. Select your time zone and currency of your current location and Click continue.
Enter your billing information appropriately. Some of the billing information needed is the account type, name and address, how you pay, and what you pay with. Then, accept the terms and conditions, and finally click save.


There is a revolutionary new cloud-based app lets YOU rank videos on Page 1 of YouTube & Google in less than 1 minute.

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